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About Us

For over 30 years, charity administered William Older Playgroup has been flourishing, attended by generation after generation of children, some of whom have grown into parents of our new admissions and some have even become staff members!

We are inspected regularly by OFSTED and have a long reputation of receiving exceptionally complimentary reports which alongside our outstanding testimonials from parents and carers, past and present, has made us an immensely popular setting in the community and further afield.

We promote free play, whereby children are able to choose what they play with and for how long and spend time moving around between whatever toy or activity they wish for the majority of their session.

Each child is allocated a Key Worker for their duration with us. This member of staff will forge a relationship with both parents/carers and child built on trust and support, sharing developments and achievements as well as your child’s goals which will all be logged in a Learning Journal. We strive to ensure every child’s emotional and educational needs are met and value all input from our families, our aim is to understand and nurture the varying developmental needs of every preschooler that we care for so that they can achieve their full potential and be ready for their next steps into the world.

We accommodate children with additional needs under the guidance of our professional and compassionate SENCO officer. Every issue raised, problem that occurs or concern you have is handled confidentially and comprehensively by our very thorough and caring team. Safeguarding and child protection is at the forefront of all we do, we consider every step with sensitivity and ultimately, with the safety of every child we care for as our priority.

As a charity organization, we are governed by a board of Trustees who oversee and are responsible for the management of the Playgroup and its financial wellbeing, twice termly meetings are held between management, administrative staff and Trustees to ensure transparent operational and fiscal procedures.

Our fees are currently £15 per session - we also accept 30 hours government funding, 2 year old funding for eligible children and 15 hours universal funding for children aged 3 and over. Our sessions are term time only and run from 8.50am to 11.50am and 12pm to 2.50pm.